Re: Has anyone ridden Comair's CRJ??

From:         Ken <>
Organization: University of Illinois at Urbana
Date:         13 Feb 95 01:44:21 
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  or MIME structure (John A Yorke) wrote:
> Has anyone ridden on Comair's CRJ jet?  I've seen them in Aviation Week but I 
> haven't had the privledge of flying one yet.  Perhaps someone who has 
> can give me their opinions on the aircraft.  

John, I have not ridden on one but have had the chance to inspect the
inside and talk to the crew.  The pilots say it is very loud (I fly a
sa227 Metro and one of the crew members said it was as loud as that!)
The Flight Attendent says it is very quit in the back. It has about a
6'2" tall aisle and looks very comfortable inside.

It can not use a jetway as the intregel stairs are in the way.