Re: Climb rates for airliners

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Date:         03 Nov 95 02:51:36 
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  or MIME structure are correct that in some cities climb rates are defined by
noise abatement policies. Orange County (SNA) is a classic example.
First...only Stage 3 aircraft are allowed to operate there. (MD-80,
B737-300/400/500, B757)
and even then they must use what is called cut-back after take-off. It
involves a very high climb rate followed by reducing thrust drastically.
In the event of an engine failure, things are going to get very
interesting very fast. Also you are correct that in virtually all cities,
the airport was there before the houses. Hopefully the new airport in
Denver will solve that problem. But most often climb rates are dictated by
obstacles and/or terrain, temperature, and last but not least the weight
of the aircraft.