Re: Climb rates for airliners

From: (Larry Jansch)
Organization: Netcom
Date:         03 Nov 95 02:51:36 
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In <45tmsk$> (Mark Krotz) writes:
>I don't understand these idiots who build a house under the
>approach/arrival path to airports, and then bitch about airplane

A similar thing happened at RDU. Developers built a pile of homes
directly under the approach for the major runway, 23R. The local rag
(the Raleigh News & Observer) ran a string of articles sympathetic to
those pinheads who bought the houses without considering that 1) jet
aircraft were flying directly overhead and 2) the airport was expanding
its capacity.

Lawsuits were filed against the airport operating authority, the
homewoners prevailed and a good portion of the damages were passed
along to the major tenant, AA, who eventually pulled out 90% of their
service. That was not the principal reason for the pullout, but it
didn't help matters any.

Airports tend to expand, not shrink, or even stay the same size for
that matters.

>I love airplane noise!

Ditto, again. I live under the northern approaches to DFW and it sounds