Re: AA Landing Lights

From: (David A. Domino)
Organization: MITRE Corporation
Date:         03 Nov 95 02:51:33 
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In article <airliners.1995.1642@ohare.Chicago.COM>,,[Kenny.Jarvis] wrote:

> Is it policy for American Airline heavy jets to land without landing lights
> when there are low ceilings.  While watching planes at JFK today, I noticed
> all American Airlines 767 and A300 landed with no landing lights.  The ceiling
> was 500 overcast.  All other 767 and A300 landed with landing lights on.
> Anyone have an idea??

You don't say whether you were observing during the day or at night, but
as a matter of preference, if not policy, some pilots prefer landing
lights off at night to improve the visual acquisition of the runway
environment. The backscatter of light through the fog/cloud will reduce
the contrast with approach lighting, and other visual landing aids. the
fact that all AA arrivals used the technique certainly suggests that
policy might play a role, but airlines also develop cultural quirks that
go beyond policy. Use of lights is usually an ops policy matter..

David A. Domino
MITRE Corporation
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