Any info on CP DC-10 incident @ YVR Oct 19?

From: (Dieder Bylsma)
Organization: University of British Columbia
Date:         03 Nov 95 02:51:32 
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Recently we had a rather dramatic aborted take-off in Vancouver involving
a Canadian Airlines DC-10 taking off West-bound and being forced to abort.
It over-ran the runway and ended up with a collapsed nose gear (in rather
sodden ground) and definitely with a load of surprised and shocked
passengers. Apparently also a runway field worker was taken to hospital
for treatment of severe shock as the DC-10 went carreening off the runway
towards him(f-shaped skid marks apparent from helicopter view) and scared
the daylights out him...fancy that!

Anyhow, any info on what caused this incident to occur? Newspaper
speculation is particularly uninformative, ranging from 'faulty nose gear'
to 'engine-fire'...