Re: Oddball 727 variants?

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Date:         03 Nov 95 02:51:32 
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>There is a photo of a similar 727 in "Jetliners, USA" - described as
>"this aircraft had bassed through Braniff, Alaska and McClain Airlines'
>hands." The right hand side is shown, with the two overwing exits
>in the normal place, and a right hand side passenger door located
>four window units in front of the forward overwing exit. There
>are 14 windows in front of this door, but no forward door.

That describes the standard configuration for a 727-100.  The original
question was about a -200 model, matching your later description of an
Eastern 727-200 except with an additional full (or nearly full) door
on *both* sides in roughly the position where the -100 has its only
full-sized right door.  That's a total of three large exits per side,
where a normal -200 only has two and a -100 has but one.  (All three
variants also have a pair of overwing exits per side.)

I was puzzled by the oddball UA config for a long time as well.  From
what I can tell, all of UA's non-Advanced -200s had them, and none of
the Advanced models had them.  If that's correct, none are left in

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