Re: Oddball 727 variants?

From: (Jack Summers)
Organization: Hooked Online Services
Date:         03 Nov 95 02:51:31 
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In article <airliners.1995.1699@ohare.Chicago.COM>, "Robert M. Sherry" <> says:
>I have a picture of a United 727-222 in an airline markings book that very
>clearly shows a third cabin door on the right side of the aircraft, in about
>the same location as the galley door on the -100. It appears to be of a type
>similar to the 'hatrack' doors on the 707 and DC-8. This is the only 727 I've
>ever seen with one of these doors. Why would a 727 have one of these? Perhaps
>as part of a provision for very high density seating layouts?

     In the early versions of the 727-200's a "type 1" exit was installed just
forward of the wings. They were equiped with slides and you are right this was
installed for high density applactions. United upon takeing delivery of these
aircraft deactived the door and painted over the door markings. On later
versions (UAL 727-222A) the door was an option that UAL did not pick up.

   Hope this helps,

    Jack Summers