Re: 747-400 without a winglet !

From: (Richard A. Muirden)
Organization: Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Australia.
Date:         03 Nov 95 02:51:31 
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Jim Ballentine <> writes:
>>I remember reading in a copy of Boeing Airliner magazine a few years back
>>that the B747-400 can fly with one winglet removed, say for damage.  The
>>fuel burn increment is about 3%, again, from what I remember reading a few
>>years back.

>Is this magazine available to non-insiders? I would appreciate anybody
>posting subscription information.

I think so. I remember getting one all about the 777 earlier this year
as a "anonymous" pressie from a student here who aparently worked for
Ansett or Qantas, and got a hold of it (cool!). An interesting magazine.
I think it said it was $35/yr subscriptions but I'm unsure if you have
to be a Boeing customer to get it or not. I'll try and fish it out and
find the details.


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