Re: ValuJet Order: What's Difference MD-95 a

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Date:         31 Oct 95 13:36:21 
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wjcandee.......I'm not that familiar with the MD-95. but if it is anything
like the MD-80, it will handle pretty well. I've never flown on the
DC-9-50 but i know pilots that have and not one liked it. It is terribly
underpowered, doesn't like hot and high airports, or even hot for that
matter. Continental got 4 from Eastern and only kept them for about 6
months if that long. I'm not sure what ValuJet would order to go along
with their DC-9 fleet but sooner or later they will have to be replaced.
It makes some sense to keep the same type of aircraft especially for a
carrier the size of ValuJet.