Re: What's Difference MD-95 and DC9-50?

From: (Neil Wagner )
Organization: Netcom
Date:         31 Oct 95 13:36:21 
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>Isn't the MD-95 really just a DC9-50 (DC-9 wing, long fuselage)?
>Does anybody know whether Douglas has done anything to make the
>MD-95 a well-handling plane?

Well, of course, the MD95 is still on the drawing boards, but it's
intended to more or less replace the old DC-9-30s that are the current
plane of choice for ValueJet.  Passenger capacity is said to be c. 129
in single class, about equivalent to a -30.  I expect it will have the
"glass" cockpit now found on the MD88s and MD90s, and it may have an
all new wing (but that's pure speculation on my part).  In any case, it
isn't going to fly for a few more years, but I'm sure Douglas will make
it easy and comfortable to fly.

Neil -