Re: ValuJet Order: What's Difference MD-95 and DC9-50?

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Date:         31 Oct 95 13:30:14 
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> Now that ValuJet has ordered the MD-95, I am wondering how good a
> decision this is on their part....isn't the MD-95 just a DC9-50?...
> An Austrian Airlines  captain explained here recently that the DC9-50
> was a crutty plane to fly...

I would like to add to his question:  If the DC9-50 was a bad plane, has
the newer version of the DC-9 been substantially improved (MD-80)?  Also,
what is the difference between the MD-80 and the MD-90, or for that
matter, the MD-83 that TWA has been adding to its fleet recently?

Thanks for your information.