Re: ValuJet Order: What's Difference MD-95 and DC9-50?

From: (Peter Hollingsworth)
Organization: The Grand Scale Earthly Destructor
Date:         31 Oct 95 13:30:13 
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In article <>, (Bill
Candee) wrote:

>         Now that ValuJet has ordered the MD-95 with RR/BMW engines
> (Wall St. Journal, today), I am wondering how good a decision this is
> on their part.  I am happy to see Douglas get some work, but isn't the
> MD-95 really just a DC9-50 (DC-9 wing, long fuselage)....
>         Does anybody know whether Douglas has done anything to make the
> MD-95 a well-handling plane?  I usually feel safer when I know that the
> pilot doesn't have to fight the plane (a sparsely-loaded 757 is a blast
> to fly in, for example, because it is so overpowered and maneuverable).

The MD-95 is really quite different, from the DC-9-50.  The 95 I nbeilieve
is modeled after the DC-9-32.  However, it is more closely related to the
MD-90 than anything else.  Aside from more composits, more powerful
engines, a flight deck designed of of the MD-88's, and new landing gear,
the desing goes back to the DC-9-30.  Parts commonality though is only
between 30 and 50% from my knowledge.  MCDAC can build some things a
little better now than the could in the 1960's, well everybody can.

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