Pop Quiz Time!

From:         David Lednicer <dave@amiwest.com>
Date:         13 Feb 95 01:44:20 
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	OK, airliner freaks, time to prove your abilities.  Today's 
question is courtesy of Chris Longridge (Boeing VP of Competitive Strategy).

What airliner has had more engine types (diffrentiated by manufacturer) 
installed on it than any other airliner?  I am looking for the names of 
the engine manufacturers, the engines and the designation(s) of the 
airliner. Hint: the total is greater than 3 and doesn't include GE!  The 
Boeing 747 is not the answer - the total here is only 3 - P&W, GE and 
R-R.  Yes I realize that it has had the JT-9D, PW4000, CF6, GE90, RB.211 
and now RR Trent installed on airframes - this is not what I am looking 

THIS IS A CLOSED BOOK QUIZ!  The answer(s) will be posted on Thursday, 
Feb 16!

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