Oddball 727 variants?

From:         "Robert M. Sherry" <sherryr@a.cs.okstate.edu>
Organization: Oklahoma State University, Computer Science
Date:         31 Oct 95 00:31:43 
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I have a picture of a United 727-222 in an airline markings book that very
clearly shows a third cabin door on the right side of the aircraft, in about
the same location as the galley door on the -100. It appears to be of a type
similar to the 'hatrack' doors on the 707 and DC-8. This is the only 727 I've
ever seen with one of these doors. Why would a 727 have one of these? Perhaps
as part of a provision for very high density seating layouts?

For what it's worth, the plane was registered N7625U, and according to my
book was c/n 19542, built in 1968. The photo was taken on a pre-delivery
test flight in 1968.

If any of you know what's up here I'd love to know...