Re: Singapore Airlines A310 replacement

From: (Ken Hoyme)
Organization: Honeywell Technology Center
Date:         31 Oct 95 00:31:42 
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In article <airliners.1995.1614@ohare.Chicago.COM>,
(Andrew Chuang) wrote:

> According to Singapore's newspaper (Strait Times), Boeing felt that it
> had an even chance against Airbus in the race to win Singapore Airlines'
> $5 billion order of 33 twins.
> Personally, I think B777-300 will be a big hit in Asia.  It'll be foolish
> for SIA to overlook the B777.

I have wondered how the French nuclear testing in the South Pacific will
affect the relative sales of Boeing/MD and Airbus airplanes.  In those
cases where there is government funding involved, there may be the desire
to make a political statement (or at least not look like the government is
supporting the French at this time).

I'll bet it is a factor....


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