Re: A310, low visibility landing in Zurich, Switzerland

From:         "Nicolas E. Murat" <vis@elaine13.Stanford.EDU>
Organization: Stanford University
Date:         31 Oct 95 00:31:41 
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> - Can airliners land at Zurich-Kloten in zero visibility? What is
> the equipment at an airport required for zero visibility landings called?

Airplanes can definitely land in zero visibility in ZRH - I've actually
experienced it. Once, as we entered a cloud bank during our descent we
only came out of it when the landing gear touched down. It was quite a
surprize really as I was looking out the window into this thick fog and
generally bad weather and suddenly we were on the ground!

If Airplanes couldn't land in poor/zero visibility in switzerland, then
you would pretty much have to shut down the GVA and ZRH from November to