Re: A310, low visibility landing in Zurich, Switzerland

From:         Steve Le-Vien <>
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Date:         31 Oct 95 00:31:40 
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In message <airliners.1995.1613@ohare.Chicago.COM> Frank Loeffel wrote:

[snip - A310 autolanding at Zurich]

Instrument Landing Systemns (ILS) are Categorised as follows,
with approx minima:

              RVR (vis) (m)             cloudbase (ft)
Cat I            550/600                    200
Cat II             400                      100
Cat IIIb           75                       zero

Cat IIIb is autoland. Cat IIIc is the the so-called zero/zero
option (zero vis, zero cloudbase) but no one has this. We have
the technology to land the aeroplane but taxying to the terminal
afterwards is a different matter. With a Cat IIIb approach a
typical decision height is 15ft therefore in the event of a
go-around it is likely the aeroplane will touch the runway.

Only the newer 'glass cockpit' aeroplanes are approved for
Cat IIIb (not sure if all are at the moment?) and the crew
have to qualified too; both pilots, if one is but the other
not then it cannot be done.

I don't know for certain if Zurich are Cat III equipped but
it sounds like it. At Luton we have all Categories available
on ecah runway.

Exciting stuff. Done it in a simulator, you don't see a lot!

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