Re: 747-400 without a winglet !

From: (Brad Gillies)
Organization: Internex Online, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (416 363 3783)
Date:         31 Oct 95 00:31:37 
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In article <airliners.1995.1605@ohare.Chicago.COM>,
   sthomson@Walden.MO.NET (Steven G. Thomson) wrote:
>A missing winglet probably wouldn't have as much effect as carrying a
>spare engine on the port wing.
>I read that JAL's 747-400's used on short domestic sectors, have the
>winglets removed to save weight. When the cycles get to a certain point,
>the aircraft is transferred to long haul routes, and the winglets are
>re-installed to save fuel.

Actually JAL's aircraft used on the shorthaul flights still have the same wing
as the -200 Boeing refers to these as the 747-400 "Domestic" I saw one being
built at the plant a couple of years ago just after they were put into
BTW The effect of removing a winglet is minimal and they are easy to replace.

Brad Gillies
A&P, AME (Canada), PPASEL (Canada)
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