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From:         "Nicolas E. Murat" <vis@elaine13.Stanford.EDU>
Organization: Stanford University
Date:         31 Oct 95 00:31:29 
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On 13 Oct 1995, BBost0325 wrote:

> The 777F for FedEx may necessarity not be better over the MD-11.  FedEx
> already has a large DC-10 fleet and the MD-11 compliments it well with its
> similar size, same manufacturer & aircraft commonality, increased range,
> etc.  The 777F also may not be the right size for the standard AMJ, AYY,
> SAA, or AKE freight cans FedEx uses.  The MD-11 seems to pack them in
> nicely from what I've seen on the FedEx ramp.  If the 777F is even just a
> few feet wider, it wastes space on the aicraft if the cans can't be
> optimally placed there.  As for the 747-400F for FedEx, it will probably
> never happen.  They don't like their 747s now (they just don't fit their
> operation) and will rid all of them in the next 5 years or so.

Fed Ex also has quite a large fleet of Airbus A310's and A300-600's for
the operations.

Airbus is investing a lot of time and money into Fed Ex and Freighter as
they are eyeing more and more Express Shipping companies.