Re: Water injection ?

From:         Steve Le-Vien <>
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Date:         31 Oct 95 00:31:26 
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In message <airliners.1995.1636@ohare.Chicago.COM> Gernot Auer (Prak 1 Gerhard wrote:
> Is there anyone who can support clues how 'water injection' in any way could
> effectively increase engine power?

I don't know about the theory but water injection is certainly used on
the BAC1-11 when the temperature is high. De-mineralised water is used.
It has to be got rid off before the freezing level therefore you may well
see a BAC1-11 trailing it soon after take-off. The vent is at the back,
under the fuselarge. They sometimes 'wee' as they taxi out if it's
decided water injection is not required for thst take-off!

I believe in Germany some years back kerosene was put into a 1-11
in mistake for water. The aircraft had to force land on an autobahn
soon after take-off.

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