Re: Climb rates for airliners

From: (Daniel Wilder)
Organization: Direct Connection (Call 0181 297 2200 for info)
Date:         13 Oct 95 12:38:20 
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On 13 Oct 95 02:06:34 , vpribish@prokofiev. (vincent pribish) wrote:

>chris and john,
>As i learned in class the other day,
>airliner climb rates are heavily dictated
>by local noise may want to
>climb very very steeply after liftoff and then as you
>pass over the wealthy subdivision in your flight path
>you will throttle back and crawl  along so you don't
>disturb the taxpayers.

That's a rather cynical view to take! I'm sure the "non-wealthy"
subdivisions at the end of the runway would prefer the noise then have
aircraft, using reduced power,  knock tiles of their house roofs on
the occasions that the passengers go over board with carry on duty
free and the crew under estimate the take off weight.

Just for interest, enclosed is some text from the Heathrow, London, UK
noise abatment procedure for departures:

"After take-off or overshoot operate aircraft so that it is at or
above 1000ft AAL at the point nearest to the noise monitoring terminal
for relevant departure and so that it will not cause, Concorde
excepted, more than 110PNdB by day or 102PndB by night at the noise
monitoring terminal. Maintain a minimum climb gradient of 243ft per nm
(4%) to at least 4000ft at power settings which ensure progressively
decreasing noise levels at points on the ground under the flight path
beyond the monitoring terminal."

These noise monitoring stations record the noise on the ground. Any
operators who have aircraft that break the set thresholds are fined
heavily.. You see, they do care about the locals.



In my personal opinion, I think they should bring back the pure jet!
Daniel Wilder