Re: Recoverable flight attitudes?

From:         Vicky Crone <>
Organization: University of Washington
Date:         09 Feb 95 18:50:03 
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> I am not a full-size pilot, but have some experience with model
> aircraft, which in general have much more relative power and control

Being a model aircraft pilot you should be familiar with the terms barrel 
roll and split S.  Although I'm not a first hand witness, rumor has it 
that a Boeing flight test pilot barrel rolled a 707 in the 60's.  Another 
rumor has it that a military C-141 (slightly larger than a 707) once did 
a split-s after the flight crew became severly disoriented in IMC conditions.
Personlly I have performed an aileron roll in the C-141 simulator.  Your 
question is basically one of aerodynmics, IMHO any aircraft with 
standard configuration and flight controls should be recoverable ASSUMING 
the aircraft structure can withstand the aerodynamic loads involved and 
sufficient altitude for recovery exists.

> I have similar questions about the Lauda 767 on which the thrust reverser
> deployed climbing at 24,000 feet.

My understanding on this one was that the aircraft disintegrated in 
flight when the TR deployed.