The Ultimate Travel Gift

From: (Bruce O'Neel)
Organization: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center -- Greenbelt, Maryland USA
Date:         13 Oct 95 02:06:37 
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>From the Washington Post, Sunday 10/8, Travel Section:

"Got $100,000-plus to spend on your beloved frequent flier for Christmas?
This year's Neiman-Marcus catalogue lets you give your honey his or her
name written large on the nose of a new United Boeing 777 for a year, and
unlimited worldwide first-class travel for two, also good for one year --
plus a trip to the Boeing factory in Seattle to "Take delivery" of your
plane.  Bids on "Name the Plane," closing Nov. 1, start at $100,000, with
money over that amount donated to charity.  Catalogues are $6.50 from