Re: Fuel tank safety mech.(question)

From: (John Carr)
Organization: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology
Date:         13 Oct 95 02:06:34 
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In article <airliners.1995.1556@ohare.Chicago.COM>,
Daniel Wills <> wrote:

>>Considering the possibility of fuel tanks exploding in emergency landings etc.
>>Is it conceivable that they could pump foam into the fuel tanks before the
>>plane hit the ground.
>Good idea. Alot of considerations though - weight,cost,etc.

How often would pilots have enough advance warning to activate such a system?
Don't count incidents where the crash itself would be fatal.

It seems likely that activating a system to fill the tanks with foam would
shut down the engines within minutes, after they burned the last of the
uncontaminated fuel, so the system would only be used if the pilots were
certain they were going to crash.

I can think of one accident where it would have been useful (the
much-discussed crash a few years ago of an airliner with total
hydraulic failure) and many more where it would not have made a

    John Carr (