Re: Climb rates for airliners

From: (Gary Neff)
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Date:         13 Oct 95 02:06:34 
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Mike Kennon ( wrote:
: >   I can help you out as far as a moderatly loaded Fokker F-28 on a
: >standard day.
: ...
: >Decent, idle power, 320kias:   5000-6000fpm.

: The decent rate seems very high to me. I am not a commerical pilot,
: only a flight simiulator pilot, so I may be wrong!

Nope, it's correct. Between 35000 and 29000, or so, your decent rate (in
the FK-28) is pegged above 6000 fpm. Below ~23000, we transition to 320
KIAS, and the decent rate is 4000-5000 fpm. Your pitch attitude varies
from ~7 degrees nosedown to ~4 degrees nosedown, depending on your
altitude. The reason we stay high for as long as possible, and decend at
idle power, is primarily fuel consumption. There are instances where it's
not practical to do this, but it's desired whenever possible.


Gary Neff <>