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From: (Ed Hahn)
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Date:         13 Oct 95 01:30:30 
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In article <airliners.1995.1560@ohare.Chicago.COM> (Amit Bhati) writes:

   For those familiar with FAA regulations on Aircraft and Engine
   Performance, here is a question.

	   I believe there muct be very specific procedures from the FAA
   about how and for what an engine (and other parts of the aircraft)
   has to be tested to keep it in continued operation. Can someone point
   me to sources of published information on Engine and Aircraft
   Performance Regulations and Procedures to check for compliance that
   the FAA has/had formed. Are such technical regulations different for
   different countries? Where can I get a list of documents that detail
   these procedures and regulations?

This has to be answered in 2 parts:

1) The aircraft or engine manufacturer must provide an official
Maintenance Manual (and other documents) which is certified along with
the aircraft or engine, to allow for "continued airworthiness".  (FAR
Part 25.1527 and 25 App. H)

2) The airline which operates the aircraft/engine must use an airline
maintenance manual, based upon the aircraft/engine manufacturer, by
which all aircraft maintenance is performed.  Changes to this manual
must be approved by the airline engineering department.  (FAR Part 121
Subpart L, Parts 121.361 - 121.380a inclusive).

The main point is, that the FAA does not generally develop or mandate
particular maintenance programs for aircraft and engines, but instead
requires that the manufacturer and operator develop these maintenance
procedures, which it then inspects (usually via a designee) and

As for ensuring compliance, every action that is taken by a mechanic
is checked and documented in some way (i.e. logbook signoff, work
cards for periodic maintenance or modifications, repair records,
returns to service) so that there will be complete accountability for
every aircraft/engine maintenance action taken.  These records are
audited by several FAA inspectors who are experts in their areas of
responsibility regularly.

The airlines and FAA take these records and responsibilities very
seriously, as do the mechanics and other maintenance personnel.


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