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>More RB211's than PW2000s on 757's? I didn't know that, and in fact would have
>guessed the opposite. Actually, in casual obesrvations I've seen approximately
>equal numbers. Does anyone know the percentage split between the Rolls and
>Pratt versions of the 757?

In another post, Andrew recently said that the RB.211 has roughly
55-60% of the customers but more like 75-80% of the aircraft.  The
difference comes from some of the largest fleets (Delta, Northwest,
United) using Pratts.

Notably, one of the larger 757 customers switched from Pratt to Rolls.
UPS started off with the PW2040 (a higher thrust engine for the higher
weight freighters than the PW2037 usually used on passenger 757s) for
their 757-200PF fleet.  After the first 35 aircraft, they switched to
the RB.211-535E4 for future orders, with at least 15 Rolls-equipped
aircraft now in service.  That's a pretty expensive change seeing as
how it adds another engine type to their fleet.  (Their only other
Rolls engines are Tays, on their re-engined 727s.)

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