Re: Engines (Was Re: Boeing in the WSJ)

From: (Merlin Dorfman)
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Date:         13 Oct 95 01:30:29 
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Andrew Chuang ( wrote:

: Historically, the late comer or the new engine doesn't do well.  For
: example, the CF6 on the B747-200 (mostly powered by the JT9D), the JT9D
: on the DC-10 (mostly powered by the CF6), the PW4000 on the A300/310 and
: the B767 (mostly powered by the CF6), the PW2000 on the B757 (mostly
: powered by the RB.211), and the V2500 on the A320 (mostly powered
: by the CFM56).  Many of the late comers in the above examples are much
: better engines, but they fail to capture the majority of their respective
: market.  However, the introduction of PW2000 forced R-R to upgrade their
: RB.211-535 engine also forced GE (which was going to offer the CF6-32) to
: drop out of the market.  Similarly, the V2500 forced CFMI to upgrade their
: CFM56-5B.

     Am I correct that the RB.211 had so many problems during its
development that Rolls Royce went bankrupt, and these engine problems
almost caused Lockheed to go bankrupt because the L-1011 had been
designed around the RB.211?
                                      Merlin Dorfman