Re: Ansett "fixes" its 767s

From:         sthomson@Walden.MO.NET (Steven G. Thomson)
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Date:         13 Oct 95 01:30:27 
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Robert Ashcroft (rna@gsb-crown.Stanford.EDU) wrote:
: Saw a small article in one of the most recent issues of Flight
: International that said that Ansett is to convert its odd-ball
: 3-pilot 767s into 2-pilot 767s.

: When Ansett first bought its 767-200 its unions forced Ansett to
: buy the aircraft with a flight-engineer station.  All other
: 767s are built for two-pilot operation, although the cockpit is
: actually large enough to accomodate a flight engineer position.

I believe that early Air France 737's had flight engineer positions, also
because of union pressure.

Remember when the second generation wide body twins were being developed,
and the dabates were raging on how unsafe air travel would be without
flight engineers?

I have spent many hours observing from the cockpit jumpseats, and I have
always felt that two crewmembers seem more co-ordinated than their three
crew counterparts.