Re: What's wrong with the MD-11?

From: (Peter Hollingsworth)
Organization: The Grand Scale Earthly Destructor
Date:         13 Oct 95 01:30:27 
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In article <airliners.1995.1536@ohare.Chicago.COM>, Addison Schonland
<> wrote:

> As regards the MD11s range problem...I heard from someone at MD that the
> problem was a "5%" problem of which fuel burn was 3% and drag was 2%.
> Both have been fixed and the plane now does well.  SR loves their
> airplanes as they were involved with the design. Talk about range
> problems...check on the range problems the 747-400s have between the US
> west coast and Hong Kong in winter.  Or between Hong Kong and London.
> Virgin's A340 stops in Helsinki sometimes to refuel while BA refuels its
> 400s at Copenhagen.  Headwinds are a problem for all three long range
> airplanes.

Also in regaurds to range, every ten or so years a few companies, Boeing
being one of them , I believe, relases new "still air ranges" over routes,
based on the prevailing winds in the in the past decade. Well one of these
was release shortly before or after the MD-11 entered srvice.  Well the
distance from the US west coast to HOng Kong grew by over 300 miles, this
hurt almost all long range airliners that were already past the design