Re: Taking off into Wind Shear

From:         chris tassio <>
Organization: HIGH-LIFT WINGS INC.
Date:         13 Oct 95 01:30:27 
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Morris B. <> wrote:
>Last friday evening at about 640 pm on approach to DIA i was listening to UA's
>Channel 9.  I heard a 727 pilot report a loss of 25 kts on climbout off of
>runway 8.
>The controler verified the low level wind shear and added that a microburst was
>building up.  The crew of the plane to take off on runway 8 seemed to have
>every intention of flying through the windshear and possible microburst.
>The person sitting next to me and i were commenting on the stupidity of this
>person.  What do you all think?

You have left out one critical point, i.e. what was the alt of
the aircraft reporting the 25kt loss on climb out? if it was
above 1000ft agl this was not as stupid as it sounded. Once
again it is hard to judge without All of th facts.
regards- chris(Capt-A300-600r)