Re: Cross Winds

Organization: Curtin University of Technology
Date:         13 Oct 95 01:30:26 
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  or MIME structure (Ralf Philipp) wrote:

>>and American also cancelled all of their flights. Interestingly, neither
>>Kiwi nor Continental flights were cancelled. Granting that the pilots are
>>not foolhearty, why the difference in operating rules? The airlines that
>>cancelled flights use 757's and 767's, I believe. Don't know the
>>equipment used by the other two.

Don't forget that just because they departed doesn't mean that they
landed. The pilots may have known the weather reports were excessive,
but departed carrying extra fuel for an alternate. They would then be
able to have a closer look and get a more up to date report on the
winds when they arrived.

If the crosswinds are still excessive, they divert. to the alternate.
(It's an expensive exercise so departing under these circumstances
involves a risk of extra cost, but often the winds aren't that bad
when you are on the spot)