Re: Twinjet single-engine performance question

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Date:         13 Oct 95 01:30:26 
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: Apparently not -- the 757-200 is a rocket, but the 737-200 Advanced is
: quite a slug.  After Concorde, the top of the list is packet with twins
: but all of them are fairly new until you get down a fair bit.  None of
: the new twins are amongst those down at the bottom of the list.

I was in the jumpseat of an empty ATR 72, and we simulated an engine
failure prior to rotation. The performance was certainly adequate, but
with a full load of passengers and some weather, it might prove interesting.

I can't speak about the 757-200 on one engine, but I was in the jumpseat
when the crew did a maximum performance takeoff because of a small
tailwind component. The aircraft had only 98 passengers, and climbed
initially at 4800 ft/min. It sure impressed me.