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Date:         13 Oct 95 01:30:24 
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: Now on an airplane with passenger entertainment, like a 767, pressing the
: button does send electrons on a journey. Pressing the button on the
: armrest sends a signal to a Seat Electronics Box located under the seat
: group. From there the signal will go to a central decoder which then sends
: a 'reading light on' signal to a decoder box above the seat where the
: button was originally pressed. This box then turns on the reading light.

:  button on armrest controller->seat electronics box->central
: decoder->overhead decoder->reading light.  What could be easier?  ;-)

Is this why there is a such time delay between the actual push of the
button and the light turning on or off? It is always entertaining to
watch some people toggle the switch on and off, and then since nothing
happens, they start pushing everything else on the armrest panel.

Even longer time delay (which is really annoying) is the lcd screen on
SouthWest. It deactivates when one replaces the phone/remote
control/keyboard/whatever-you-call-it thing ;). But this time it takes
really some time. (I haven't measured it, but 30 seconds would be my
guess, maybe even more). And again it is interesting to see people trying
to switch it off. BTW, I find the glare of the screen really annoying.
I do wonder however if the time delay in the screen is for only one
purpose: to force the passengers to watch some ads that are being displayed.


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