FAA Safety Meeting

From:         ericrood@freenet.columbus.oh.us (Eric Rood)
Date:         09 Feb 95 02:22:19 
Organization: The Greater Columbus Freenet
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Is/Are there anyone out there who attended the 9-10 January 1995 Safety
Meeting in Washington DC?  I am looking for
information/opinions/feelings/etc about what was discussed in the various
workgroups.  I was briefed on both the Training and Emerging Technology
sessions but am courious about the others (Air Traffic Control,
Operations, Maintenance, etc.)  Anything you can add will be enlightening.
 I have a copy of some of the prepared remarks that the ATA put together,
but that is all preprinted material.  Regards, Eric. 
Eric Rood / 170 Monterey Drive / Dublin OH  43017-1329 / 614-761-7461
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