Re: A320 comments

From: (Richard N. Rea)
Organization: Brigham Young University
Date:         05 Oct 95 13:26:03 
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In article <airliners.1995.1542@ohare.Chicago.COM> (Simon Craig) writes:

>> Sorry, but I'm staggered you say there is no fuel dump.  Surely, if
>> there is a serious malfunction ealry in the flight, it MUST be possible
>> to dump fuel to get the weight down to an OK landing weight.  I cant
>> believe it would get CAA/FAA etc approval without it.

>The 767 came out initially without fuel dump capability.  Half of our
>767-300ERs at Qantas also don't have them - Boeing decided it wasn't
>necessary and then changed their minds.

For an emergency landing, is it ever desireable to dump excess fuel to reduce
the possibility or extent of a fire?  Would it make a difference or is fuel
dumping only for reducing the landing weight?