Re: A320 comments

From: (Ken Lewis)
Organization: University of Sussex
Date:         05 Oct 95 13:26:02 
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chris tassio ( wrote:
: Ken,
: I fly the A300-600R the MTOW for our ops is 378,530 lbs and our
: MLW is 308,650 with no fuel dump. The aircraft is certified to
: land at the MTOW, however any land ing over the MLW requires a
: log entry and maint. action in the form of an over-weight
: landing check prior to next flight. Hope this is helpful.
:   chris

I checked the FARs and there appears to be no requirement to have fuel
dump capability except if it is necessary to maintain climb rate if some
power is lost.  [At least, I think that is what they say].   Its
interesting to note that the MLW is in fact the Max 'normal' Landing
Weight and that 'over-weight' landings are allowed , albeit with the
necessary maintenance checks etc afterwards.

On a slightly different topic, does anyone know of a reasonably priced
publication that gives commercial aircraft specs including typical
take-off and landing runs, Vne, fuel burn rates etc?  Flight International
publishes such summaries on an annual basis but I often seem to miss them
and even when I do get them the tables seem to have significant errors.

Ken Lewis