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Date:         05 Oct 95 13:26:01 
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>A quick question about the reading light switches over the passenger
>seats in the Boeing 737.  These switches feel like momentary-contact
>pushbutton switches, which would normally not toggle a lamp on and off
>like they do.

These switches 'toggle' mechanically, not electrically. Something like the
mechanism that makes the cartridge of a ball point pen go in and out.

Now on an airplane with passenger entertainment, like a 767, pressing the
button does send electrons on a journey. Pressing the button on the
armrest sends a signal to a Seat Electronics Box located under the seat
group. From there the signal will go to a central decoder which then sends
a 'reading light on' signal to a decoder box above the seat where the
button was originally pressed. This box then turns on the reading light.

 button on armrest controller->seat electronics box->central
decoder->overhead decoder->reading light.  What could be easier?  ;-)