Re: Emergency exits capacity

From: (acvitale)
Organization: magg.Net
Date:         05 Oct 95 13:25:59 
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>the plane can be evacuated in 90 seconds -- in real life it may well be
>much longer than that.  The Aloha "737 convertible" took 25 minutes to
>evacuate, despite being basically intact and firmly on the runway with
>no fire.  Note that the forward doors were forward of the pert of the
>fuselage that tore off (although the picture I have here shows the right
>hand door doesn't have the slide deployed -- they're deployed on both
>rear exits).

I was surprised to find recently when flying Aloha that their 737
aircraft are equiped with no slide on the rear left exit but rather a
folding set of airstairs. These airstairs would likely be inoperable and
unable to extend and give access to the exit in the event of a gear
collapse or power failure...

Albert Vitale