Re: 747-400 without a winglet !

From:         "Niels M. Sampath" <>
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Date:         05 Oct 95 13:25:58 
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In article <airliners.1995.1576@ohare.Chicago.COM>
  "Richard A. Muirden" writes:

> Karl would prob. know - what would be the affect on the aircraft of
> missing one winglet? I believe I read somewhere that the winglets on
> the 744 gave a 3% savings on fuel burn. but would it upset the aircraft
> balance or something only having one? and how could it come off? is
> it lying in the pacific somewhere, or dropped off over someone's farm?

FWIW I have seen a photo of a Lufthansa 744 which flew a sched. pax
flight (I think from LAX to FRA or vice versa) minus one winglet
because of some damage which was deemed irrelevant enough to proceed
rather than cancel the flight.