Re: Airframe Fatigue Monitoring Systems

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Date:         08 Feb 95 01:21:20 
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Fatigue monitoring in the Air Force is done a per Programmed Depot 
Maintenance (PDM).  For EC/KC/C-135 airframes, PDM must be performed every 48 
months +/- 4 (I think) months.  The aircraft is flown to the depot, and skin 
panels removed, interior work, floors, etc.  Visual (staining), X-Ray, and 
other inspection techniques are performed on areas of know corrosion and 
fatigue cracking.  Scopes are used to get to hard-to-reach areas.  It takes 
about 4 months in depot to get the bird flying again (they can also do other 
mods in the process, as well).  Other airframes have different intervals.  
The E-4B (a 747-200) PDM is 8 years (to the best of knowledge).

That's all I know on the subject.  I'm sure the airlines have a similiar 


Bill Hensley