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From: (Francois Archer)
Organization: CompuServe Incorporated
Date:         04 Oct 95 22:57:25 
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  or MIME structure (Joe M Wilson) wrote:

> I recently had the extreme pleasure of riding in the Cockpit of an A320
>Airbus for an entire flight.(Ottawa to Toronto).I wondered if someone could
>explain to me the basics of the Airbus's Inertial Navigation System. I Didn't
>want to bother the captain or the co-pilot with the question at the time.I
>had asked so many questions at the time I feared they would kick me out of the

As far as i am able to understand and to translate my (french)
meanings about the question, i could say that :
-the device is continuously referring to ground nav aids (vor,ndb)
which he meets along the trip then compares the position given through
inertial systems with the previous preselected way he is tracking and
transmitt in real time each needed correction signal to the autopilot.
So, it is not a real inertial, pure, system.
Here is what i understood a few week ago when asking the same question
to the captain of a French Air Inter A320 who invites me in the flight
desk. (Very nice flight from Nice to Strasbourg with a 360° round the
Mont Blanc at FL 180 ! )
Hope this helps
living in Mulhouse (France)