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From: (Daniel Wilder)
Organization: The Direct Connection (Call 0181 297 2200 for info)
Date:         04 Oct 95 22:57:25 
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On 22 Sep 95 00:18:33 , (Joe M Wilson) wrote:

> I recently had the extreme pleasure of riding in the Cockpit of an A320
>Airbus for an entire flight.(Ottawa to Toronto).I wondered if someone could
>explain to me the basics of the Airbus's Inertial Navigation System. I Didn't
>want to bother the captain or the co-pilot with the question at the time.I
>had asked so many questions at the time I feared they would kick me out of the

What sort of information are you looking for? The principles of
operation of a strapped down laser gryo IRS or how the IRS interfaces
to the FMS?



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