Re: Climb rates for airliners

From:         chris tassio <>
Organization: HIGH-LIFT WINGS INC.
Date:         04 Oct 95 22:57:21 
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Airliner climb rates  after rotation(vr) are dictated by such
things as gross wt and second segment obstical clearance
requirements. After vr until obs clearance alt(usually 800ft
agl) the aircraft is flown at target airspeed of V2 +10-15
depending on aircraft type, giving what ever rate of climb can
be maintained at target speed, for existing conditions i.e.
gross wt.,  take off thrust used. This is usually about
2000-3000fpm. Then when the aircraft is clean the target speed
of 250kts<10000ft is obtained, then the aircraft will give its
best rate for existing conditions at target speed, usually
3000-4000fpm, until reaching 10000ft. At 10000ft the new target
airspeed usually 320-350KTS is reached ethen the aircraft will
once again climb at its best rate for existing conditions,
usually about 3000-4000fpm for this segment.These are mean type
values, of course these can vary greatly due to mostly gross
wt. differences i.e. a light plane can easily exceed 6000fpm.
Hope this helps.