Re: Ansett "fixes" its 767s

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Date:         04 Oct 95 21:27:28 
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>When Ansett first bought its 767-200 its unions forced Ansett to
>buy the aircraft with a flight-engineer station.  All other
>767s are built for two-pilot operation ...

*Are* built for two-pilot operation, yes, but not *were* built that
way.  The first 30 767s were all built with an FE station.  When it
was clearly demonstrated that the FE was useless, these aircraft were
already either built or far enough along for an in-place change to
disrupt the production line.  The decision, as documented in the
Harvard Business Review, was to keep the line going and retrofit the
first 30 aircraft after completion.

For more details, see the sci.aeronautics.airliners archives, where
the previous iterations of this discussion are still available.  The
best discussion is titled "Aha! The three-man 767 rears its ugly
head ..." and took plane in late 1992.

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