Re: Climb rates for airliners

From: (Gary Neff)
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Date:         28 Sep 95 03:52:47 
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John P. Wangermann (wangermn@tucson.Princeton.EDU) wrote:
: Can someone tell me what the standard climb rates are that airlines use
: for jet aircraft, say B767 or B747.  For example, what are the climb
: rates for

: initial climb
: climb to cruise altitude
: en-route altitude changes (e.g., FL270 to FL290)
: descent


   I can help you out as far as a moderatly loaded Fokker F-28 on a
standard day.

Initial climb:                 3000-4000 fpm.
Climb to cruise altitude:      1500-2000 fpm.
Enroute altitude changes:      About the same.
Decent, idle power, 320kias:   5000-6000fpm.


Gary Neff <>