Re: Parachutes on passenger jets?

From: (Eric Rood)
Organization: The Greater Columbus Freenet
Date:         08 Feb 95 01:21:19 
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Joe Konecny ( wrote:
:       This isn't a joke.  Don't take it the wrong way.  But I have been 
: wondering... why can't there be some type of massive emergency parachute
: on todays jets?  It seems that with some of the new high tech fibers that
: are available that this would be possible.  Maybe something like those that
: slowed the re-entry modules in space craft.  Even if at least you slow the
: plane down during a crash the passengers would have a better chance.  I
: might even risk flying then!  ;)

  Yeah, kinda like a gigantic ballistic recovery system.  I don't think
the airlines would buy it though, I doesn't exude the confidence the
system requires to provide the passenger stream/revenue necessary to be
profitable (?). (Show me another industry that can continue to lose
billions of dollars annually an still stay in business).
  The ballistic recovery systems available on light aircraft cost $5000,
not really cost effective unless the type of flying you're doing
involves trying to break the airframe.  Regards, Eric.
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