Re: Where did all the air vents go?

From: (Brad Gillies)
Organization: Leading Edge Aviation Services
Date:         28 Sep 95 03:52:42 
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In article <airliners.1995.1480@ohare.Chicago.COM>,
   Steve Lacker <> wrote:
>Question: a certain amount of airflow is absolutely necessary to maintain
>passenger comfort. In my experience, the more the better- I find that
>older "leakier" airliners are less likely to give me burning eyes and a
>headache than newer tighter ships. If an airline chooses to delete the
>individual vents, where is all that airflow re-directed? Please tell me
>that overall fresh airflow isn't just reduced further still.

Actually the turnover of air in a modern airliner is quite rapid. THe
entire volume of air in a wide body aircraft is replaced about every 10
minutes. Thats alot of airflow. There is also a recirculation system
which filters the air within the aircraft. But I still like those
little eyeballs.

Brad Gillies
Leading Edge Aviation Services
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