Re: A320 comments

From: (Ken Lewis)
Organization: University of Sussex
Date:         28 Sep 95 03:52:41 
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David Lednicer ( wrote:
: 	A friend of mine recently converted over to the A320.  At my
: request, he has prepared the following comments regarding the aircraft.
: These comments are posted with his permission.


: 9.  The aircraft can't dump fuel and the max landing weight is
: significantly lower than the max togw.

Lots of very interesting and useful info deleted.  Many thanks for the

Sorry, but I'm staggered you say there is no fuel dump.  Surely, if
there is a serious malfunction ealry in the flight, it MUST be possible
to dump fuel to get the weight down to an OK landing weight.  I cant
believe it would get CAA/FAA etc approval without it.

Comments appreciated
Ken Lewis