Re: A320 comments

From:         Martin McGrath <>
Organization: Netcom
Date:         28 Sep 95 03:52:40 
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I read your friends comments with great interest.

I've been on the A320 for about 6 months.

Coming from a F-100 & DC-9, I find the "minibus"  very

A few comments, it is a bitch to learn!  But, like any
aircraft, after a while it is natural.

The comment about pattern work is well taken.  As a check pilot
on the 320, I do quite alot of pattern work.  I found a simple
solution to the problem.

Simply, do your normal FMGC routing to your destination, when
in the terminal area, add a waypoint, vor, etc, between you and
the approach.  You never reach the added fix, therfore you
never lose your nav map.  Then just do whatever you want,
manual fly, maual throttle, approaches, other than managed vor
or adf, and you are all set.

As long as you are not using FMGS for primary nav, it's no

More later.